The Role of CO2 Utilization in Achieving Carbon Neutrality

Carbon dioxide utilization (CO2U) technologies have the potential to make CO2 capture economically viable even in the absence of carbon pricing and tax incentives, supporting the decarbonization of the world's economy as countries strive to reach net-zero goals. Three application areas will dominate CO2U by 2044 according to the new IDTechEx report "Carbon Dioxide Utilization 2024-2044: Technologies, Market Forecasts, and Players": CO2-enhanced oil recovery, CO2-derived fuels, and CO2-derived building materials.
This webinar will explore the most promising CO2U applications, including economic, technological, and environmental factors and market outlook. The importance of CO2 utilization within CCUS (carbon capture, utilization, and storage) and the broader global net-zero picture will be examined.
This webinar will reveal insights into CO2U technologies, and its content includes:
  • Overview of CO2 utilization pathways and products
  • Discussion of environmental, technical, and economic factors for the most promising CO2U technologies (CO2-enhanced oil recovery, CO2-derived fuels, and CO2-derived building materials)
  • Contextualization of carbon utilization's role within CCUS and global progress towards net-zero