Free Webinar - Energy Harvesting

Dr Harry Zervos
Free Webinar - Energy Harvesting
IDTechEx will be hosting a free webinar on Thursday 12 September and we would be delighted if you could join us.
This webinar will look at the latest technical progress with different forms of energy harvesting, including thermoelectric generators, piezoelectric harvesters, electrodynamics, and other forms of capturing energy from ambient sources.
Seeing a range of applications being commercialized in a number of verticals has led to an increased excitement in the industry, and hopes that the realization of more ambitious projects such as the advent of the internet of things and ubiquitous sensor networks do not feel outlandish anymore.
Included in the webinar are ten year forecast highlights, key adoption trends and market drivers that will seed further growth.

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We will be hosting two webinars which will cover the following time zones. Please use the links to register and select your time zone at the top of page.
Webinar #1 - Europe and Asia-Pacific
9:30am (BST) London, Lisbon
10:30am (CEST) Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome
4:30pm (GMT+8) Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, Perth
5:30pm (GMT+9) Tokyo, Seoul
6:30pm (GMT+10) Melbourne
Webinar #2 - North America
9:00am (PDT) Los Angeles, Vancouver (MST) Phoenix
10:00am (MDT) Denver, Salt Lake City
11:00am (CDT) Dallas, Chicago
12:00noon (EDT) New York, Toronto
5:00pm (BST) London, Lisbon