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Research Articles

by Dr Tess Skyrme

10 Apr 2024

Will QRNG Disrupt the Connected Devices Market?

The ability to generate random numbers is essential to encrypting data. However, any classical method of producing randomness will fundamentally be deterministic - and theoretically predictable. This creates an opportunity for non-deterministic, high entropy quantum random number generators (QRNGs). In this article, IDTechEx explores the opportunities and challenges for QRNG in the growing connected devices and quantum communications markets.
18 Mar 2024

Quantum Computing: Is the Commercial Advantage Race Paved With Gold?

Quantum computing is pitched as enabling exponentially faster drug discovery, battery chemistry development, multi-variable logistics, vehicle autonomy, accurate asset pricing, and much more. In the last decade, the number of companies actively developing quantum computer hardware has quadrupled. Between 2022 and 2024, multiple funding rounds within the quantum computing market surpassed US$100 million were closed, and the transition from lab-based toys to commercial product began.
29 Feb 2024

Quantum Technology: The Double-edged Sword in Fighting Cybercrime

The battle to secure communications is intensifying. Over the last twenty years hacking has grown into a lucrative enterprise. This global challenge is anticipated to worsen as the volume and value of data transmitted rises. The impact on society could be catastrophic, with the average cost of a data-breach already surpassing millions of dollars.
26 Jan 2024

Quantum Communications Tech Upgrades Essential to Protect Our Data

Quantum communications technology seeks to improve data security, which is increasingly compromised in the modern world. The world is generating higher and higher volumes of data, with increasing concerns about its sensitivity.
23 Nov 2023

The E-textiles Journey from Heated Clothing to Monitoring Astronauts

From blankets to towels to clothing to upholstery, humans are in contact with textiles for almost all their lives. Textiles, used for warmth, comfort, and aesthetics, can be combined with electronics to gain exciting new functionalities.
16 Nov 2023

Quantum Sensors vs. Quantum Computers: The Next 10 Years

Quantum technologies are evolving at a rapid pace. Spurred by the promise of exponentially faster computation and classically unachievable sensitivity, billions of dollars are being poured into the development of quantum computers and quantum sensors.
01 Nov 2023

Why is Air Quality Monitoring Going Mobile?

In recent years, there has been significant interest in the use of low-cost gas sensors affixed to lampposts, trees, and traffic lights within smart cities to monitor outdoor air quality. Yet before this industry has really taken off, there are already signs of a trend away from the adoption of expansive sensor networks towards mobile platforms.
26 Oct 2023

TMR Sensors: A Quantum Success Story

Tunneling magneto resistance sensors are rapidly disrupting the automotive and wearables industry. These tiny sensors leverage quantum phenomena to provide a performance edge over classical incumbents, including industry mainstays such as Hall effect sensors. Although they don't depend on the more exciting effects such as superposition and entanglement, in this article, IDTechEx highlights the lessons to be learned from the success of TMR sensors in the emerging quantum sensor market.
03 Oct 2023

Environmental Gas Sensor Tech: Smart-Building & Automotive Markets

Gas sensor technology makes the invisible, visible. A plethora of different technology types can be used to measure analytes related to safety and health - quantifying the composition of air quality inside and out
08 Sep 2023

Wearable Quantum Sensors Measure Brain Activity While We Sleep & Move

New quantum sensors measuring brain activity have the potential to revolutionize our understanding of how humans respond to sleep, movement, diet, and aging.
07 Aug 2023

Les Perspectives Des Ordinateurs Quantiques De Bureau, Discutent IDTechEx

Les ordinateurs quantiques peuvent s'attaquer à des problèmes que les ordinateurs classiques mettraient des billions d'années à résoudre. La plupart des ordinateurs quantiques sont conçus pour être refroidis à des températures extrêmes bien inférieures à -200 degrés Celsius. Toutefois, ces dernières années, la technologie de l'informatique quantique de bureau a commencé à progresser.
02 Aug 2023

Quantum Sensors: Advancing Timing, Navigation, Mapping, & Brain Scans

Quantum sensors promise to unlock new applications through dramatically increased sensitivity. Characterizing the quantum sensor market, quantum sensing technologies, and quantum sensor players, with report covers 17 quantum sensing technology areas along with applications in electric vehicles, GPS denied navigation, medical imaging, and quantum computing with market forecasts from 2024 to 2044.