Research Articles

by Dr Tess Skyrme

25 Jan 2023

Join Our Upcoming Webinar on Quantum Computers

Quantum Computers: What Are They and When Will They Create Commercial Value? In the last decade, the number of companies actively developing quantum computer hardware has quadrupled. In 2022 multiple funding rounds surpassing US$100 million have been closed, and the transition from lab-based toys to commercial products has begun.
23 Jan 2023

Assistive Technology for an Inclusive Society at CES 2023

Mirroring the broader social trend of increasing awareness around inclusivity, exhibitors at CES 2023 highlighted the capabilities of consumer electronics to deliver assistive technology. IDTechEx attended the event, held January 5 - 8 in Las Vegas, and report on this key trend across interviews with exhibitors over the four days.
11 Jan 2023

IDTechEx Discusses the Pivotal Year Ahead for Quantum Computers

IDTechEx have released a brand new report, "Quantum Computers 2023-2043". This report covers the hardware that promises a revolutionary approach to solving the world's unmet challenges.
21 Dec 2022

Quantum Computing: What This Game Needs Is a Goal

What does good look like? Whether trying to predict World Cup results or assess the relative merits of emerging technologies, establishing a meaningful set of performance benchmarks is crucial but challenging.
25 Nov 2022

Beyond the Smartwatch: Three Wearable Technology Trends to Watch

As the smartwatch market matures, the capabilities of alternative wearables continue to expand. In the coming years, alternative form factors could begin tempting consumers away. Not only could these devices provide more value - they also have the potential to access new biometrics.
03 Nov 2022

Wearable Sensors Complimentary Whitepaper

Innovations for the next generation of consumer devices. Miniaturized sensors, such as motion trackers and optical heart rate sensors, are the technology that underpins smartwatches and fitness trackers.
03 Nov 2022

How Gas Sensors Reduce Health Impacts of the Energy Crisis

Could gas sensors facilitate the safe use of wood-burning stoves to combat the energy crisis? With the cost of energy rising dramatically, interest in wood-burning stoves is growing as they become 'more financially appealing than ever'.
11 Oct 2022

The Market for Wearable Sensors Is Expanding, Says IDTechEx

The latest wearable sensors report from IDTechEx, "Wearable Sensors 2023-2033", breaks down the complex landscape of sensor types, biometrics, and form factors. IDTechEx highlights the key opportunities and challenges for each sensor type to achieve commercial success across the next ten years.
13 Jul 2022

Digital Smell: The Sensor Opportunity Under Our Noses

Imagine a world where we not only upload pictures of our latest recipes, beauty products, and coffees - but also share their smell. The opportunities for digital smell could be vast, but what are they, and what gas sensor technology will enable it?
09 Jun 2022

Air Quality Monitoring: Not Just an Urban Concern?

Air quality concerns are on the rise globally, with urban pollution the dominant cause. However, radon accumulation and unpleasant aromas are often bigger problems in rural locations, creating opportunities for gas sensors that offer continuous monitoring and even odor categorization.
19 May 2022

Mass Digitization to Drive Gas Sensor Growth to $8.4 Billion

Gas sensors are simultaneously an established and emerging industry, creating a complex web of technologies and applications for stakeholders to understand. Detection methods span a diverse technology landscape, ranging from semiconductor and optical to acoustic and photoionization.
16 May 2022

Raising the Bar for Wearable Fitness

Smartwatches have soared in popularity in recent years, with their motion and heart rate sensors tracking the activity of millions worldwide. However, not all activity can be monitored using step counts - limiting the appeal of existing wearable technology to many gym-goers and amateur athletes.