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11 Oct 2021

Facebook Robot Makes Aerial Fiber Deployment Faster and More Efficient

As the internet becomes ever more pervasive in the way we live and work, the technologies used to bring people online have not kept pace. Even as per person data consumption increases by 20-30% every year, nearly half the world is being left behind — either lacking adequate access to the internet, or remaining completely unconnected.
5 Oct 2021

RedTail Delivers LiDAR System to DoD's Explosive Ordnance Disposal

The RedTail LiDAR Systems RTL-450 was integrated onto the Teledyne FLIR SkyRaider Unmanned Aerial System to address a broad range of the EOD community's 3D mapping needs.
16 Sep 2021

Facebook connectivity - Terragraph

In this company profile, IDTechEx introduces one of the Facebook connectivity projects - Terragraph technology - by explaining the motivation why Facebook developed this technology, how it works, and what is the ecosystem that Facebook is trying to establish in relation to this technology.
Included are:
14 Sep 2021

Stratasys Advances Shift to Additive Manufacturing at Scale

Stratasys Ltd has highlighted today solutions for advancing additive manufacturing at production scale, including new innovative material offerings, an expanded software partner ecosystem, and the availability of new polymer 3D printing systems for the US market.
24 Aug 2021

CHASM Advanced Materials Closes $15 Million in Series C Funding

CHASM Advanced Materials Inc announced the completion of a $15 million Series C financing round led by WAVE Equity Partners. The funds will be used to accelerate commercial penetration of CHASM's AgeNT™ products for transparent printed electronics, NTeC™ products for energy storage and a broad range of composites applications, and to launch CHASM-H2O™ - a new category of membranes targeted at disrupting water treatment to address the world's water scarcity problem.
19 Aug 2021

Stratasys Becomes Founding Member of Additive Manufacturer Green Trade

Stratasys Ltd announced its commitment to lead 3D printing with an ESG-focused offering, establishing its 'Stratasys Sustainability' function and appointing Rosa Coblens as Vice President of Sustainability. Stratasys said a commitment to a circular economy, climate action, and social impact is paramount.
18 Aug 2021

COROS Introduces VERTIX 2 GPS Watch and Eliud Kipchoge Edition PACE 2

COROS Wearables Inc announced today the introduction of several new products including the VERTIX 2 GPS Adventure Watch and the Eliud Kipchoge Edition of its award winning PACE 2 GPS Sports Watch.
13 Aug 2021

Nexa3D Announces Availability of xWASH Smart Washer

Nexa3D announced today the immediate commercial availability of xWASH, a new automated washer that works exclusively with its sustainable xCLEAN washing detergent to help manufacturers streamline, optimize, and scale their 3D printing and post-processing operations.
5 Aug 2021

Nexa3D Partners with CREAT3D to Support British AM industry

The collaboration provides CREAT3D's customers with the opportunity to improve their competitiveness by purchasing Nexa3D's market-leading technology.
16 Jul 2021

Nexa3D and Henkel Launch xFLEX 475 Photo-Elastic Material

Nexa3D announced today in partnership with Henkel, the commercial availability of xFLEX 475, a category leading soft rubber material that is ideal for the production of additively manufactured industrial and consumer products.
7 Jul 2021

Voxelab's Aquila 3D Printer Has an Upgrade

Voxelab, a sub-brand of Flashforge, is releasing an upgrade version of its best seller, FDM 3D Printer Kit Aquila. By adding multiple friendly design while keeping mean features of Aquila, Aquila X2 is a more reliable 3d printer for beginners and makers than its predecessor.
30 Jun 2021

Stratasys Rapidly Expands Software Ecosystem

Stratasys Ltd has grown its GrabCAD Software Partner Program to six companies in its first six months with the addition of Teton Simulation, which utilizes the new GrabCAD DFAM Software Development Kit to help customers improve the reliability of additive manufacturing builds.
22 Jun 2021

GenCell Energy Successfully Runs 24/7 Hydrogen Power Solution

GenCell Energy has successfully completed an advanced testing period of its innovative experimental GenCell A5 off-grid hydrogen power solution based on alkaline fuel cell technology, at the site of an active Emergency Communications System station outside Reykjavik, Iceland.
7 Jun 2021

Stratasys Introduces All-In-One J5 MediJet Medical 3D Printer

Stratasys Ltd introduced a medical 3D printer that sets a new standard for healthcare providers and medical device companies by combining multiple applications in one system.
25 May 2021

Graphene Flagship spin-off Qurv Will Develop Imaging Technology

Qurv was founded to develop graphene-enabled wide-spectrum image sensor technologies for next-generation computer vision applications, bringing unprecedented intelligence to products and services.
18 May 2021

Nexa3D Raises over $55M in Financing

Nexa3D closed financing rounds exceeding $55 million in funding. This funding enables Nexa3D to bolster its manufacturing operations to fulfill increasing customer demand, scale commercial activities worldwide, expand customer acquisition and customer success operations, grow its reseller channel globally, and expedite several new products to market.
12 May 2021

Ekso Bionics® Announces Expanded Partnership with Kindred Healthcare

Ekso Bionics Holdings Inc announced an expanded partnership with Kindred Healthcare LLC bringing EksoNR, the most clinically used robotic exoskeleton, to four of Kindred's Long-Term Acute Care Hospitals in the US. The multi-unit order follows a successful pilot program of the EksoNR last year.
11 May 2021

Virtual Reality in the Workplace

The development of Virtual Reality (VR) is not only changing the way that we interact with digital content, but also the way we interact with each other.
29 Apr 2021

Stratasys Agrgessively Advances Additive Manufacturing Strategy

Stratasys Ltd has introduced three new 3D printers that together address a large portion of the multibillion-dollar market opportunity in additive manufacturing of end-use parts.
27 Apr 2021

XING Mobility, Castrol Advanced Immersion Cooled Battery Systems

XING Mobility and Castrol announced a partnership to further develop XING Mobility's immersion cooling battery technology, utilizing Castrol's advanced thermal management fluid to deliver unprecedented power and safety to the rapidly growing electric vehicle market.