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JSR offers a variety of green energy products including the Ultimo™ Lithium Ion Capacitor (LIC) manufactured by its wholly owned subsidiary JM Energy.
Compared to batteries that store electricity through slow chemical reactions, capacitors make it possible to charge and discharge electricity at much faster rates with extremely long cycle lives.
In addition to capacitors, JSR manufactures aqueous binders for batteries and proton exchange membrane for use in fuel cells.
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JSR Micro
21 Apr 2023

Solid Oxide Fuel Cells 2023-2033: Technology, Applications and Market Forecasts

IDTechEx Report: Dr Conor O'Brien and Dr Alex Holland
13 Dec 2021

Advanced Li-ion and Beyond Lithium Batteries 2022-2032: Technologies, Players, Trends, Markets

IDTechEx Report: Dr Alex Holland and Dr Xiaoxi He
14 Jul 2016

Improving lithium-ion capacitors

The suitability of the proposed technology has been analysed and it was proved that lithium-ion capacitors can act as a main power or energy source without any reduction of the system capabilities.
10 Feb 2015

IDTechEx report from the first major supercapacitor event of 2015

This article focuses on the highlights of the second day of the AABC Conference 2015 in Mainz Germany, specifically in the Electrochemical Capacitor Symposium.
30 Dec 2014

Review of supercapacitors in 2014 and the outlook for 2015

Whilst the industry has reduced its growth in comparison to the previous years (from an estimated 30% in 2014 vs 2013 to 15% in 2014 vs 2013), IDTechEx believes that this is just a temporary stagnation. Indeed, the fact that other companies are investing in manufacturing capacity and challenging the leadership of Maxwell Technologies is a positive sign for the industry and a good signal for the supercapacitor market, which by definition needs more than one major player. We believe that more manufacturer options across the globe will provide the required alternative supply that end user industries are requiring in order to warranty market competition. This article gives an overview of the major events and developments in 2014 and gives the IDTechEx outlook for 2015.
1 Aug 2014

EV Battery and Supercapacitor

IDTechEx has visited many supercapacitor manufacturers and interviewed several professors who have presented at IDTechEx events on the subject. This article highlights some of our findings from those interviews.
28 Mar 2014

Supercapacitors Europe 2014 is next week!

IDTechEx's Supercapacitors Europe 2014 conference External Link is bringing the best of supercapacitor developments in the region and internationally - 1-2 April, Berlin.
21 Mar 2014

Part 2 - What you will learn at Supercapacitors Europe 2014

IDTechEx's Supercapacitor Europe 2014 conference on 1-2 April in Berlin, Germany, is bringing the best of supercapacitor developments in the region and internationally.
14 Mar 2014

What you will learn at Supercapacitors Europe 2014

IDTechEx's Supercapacitor Europe 2014 conference is bringing the best of supercapacitor developments in the region and internationally to Berlin on 1-2 April.
7 Feb 2014

EV Battery and Supercapacitor

Lessons from PE USA Supercapacitor Conference and Visits End 2013
7 Feb 2014

The Ultimate Potential of Supercapacitors for Electric Vehicles

17 Dec 2013

JSR Micro, Inc. / JM Energy Corp.

JSR Micro of Japan makes materials for semiconductors and displays such . In energy storage for EVs etc its JM Energy makes both lithium-ion and lithium capacitor devices and materials. It also has a life sciences division. IDTechEx had a conversation with Jeff Myron and Hasegawa-San, both in charge of the supercapacitor business.
6 Dec 2013

Findings at Supercapacitors USA 2013

This third edition of IDTechEx's Supercapacitors event was held in Santa Clara, California on 20-21 November.
21 Nov 2013

Supercapacitors at JSR Micro

JSR Micro Inc, United States
1 Nov 2013

Supercapacitors USA 2013

There are just three weeks left until IDTechEx's Supercapacitors USA event in Santa Clara California, on November 20-21.
16 Jul 2013

Consortium to develop advanced packaging solutions

Reliability and performance issues are technical challenges in packaging solutions for compact sized consumer electronics and high power electronics.
15 Apr 2013

Change of leadership of the global market value of supercapacitors?

Maxwell Technologies, which has been the leader in supercapacitors worldwide, has been overstating its results by improperly recording certain sales through distributors.
8 Nov 2012

Lithium Ion Capacitor Commercialization

JSR Micro, Inc.United States