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Northern Illinois University (NIU) is a comprehensive teaching and research institution with a diverse student body of more than 24,000. NIU opened in 1899 as the Northern Illinois State Normal School solely to prepare college-educated teachers. It became Northern Illinois State College on July 1, 1955, and Northern Illinois University on July 1, 1957. The university has since grown into a world-class university that attracts students from around the globe while still serving the northern Illinois region. The Illinois General Assembly granted NIU its own governing board in 1996. The university also operates education centers in Hoffman Estates, Naperville and Rockford to offer many of NIU's programs at times and locations designed to accommodate the needs of its vital service region.
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Northern Illinois University
3 Dec 2021

Lead Absorbing Tape to Boost Viability of Perovskite Solar Cells

Researchers are reporting a potential breakthrough that could help speed commercialization of highly promising perovskite solar cells for use in solar panels.
28 Jul 2021

OMRON B5L Time-of-Flight Sensor Module for Real-Time 3D Vision in AMR

Innovative technology continues to improve and advance the possibilities for autonomous mobile robots (AMR). To view the environment around them, AMRs often require multiple, high-accuracy sensors that can offer stable and reliable detection along with a long life and high durability in a range of environments.
9 Jun 2021

Electronic Switching in the World of Test and Measurement

Omron Electronic Components continues its longstanding tradition of providing quality components solutions, such as relays, to the market. These electronic switches cover an unending list of applications, which contribute to the betterment of society in a variety of industries. One key focus industry includes test and measurement.
27 Feb 2020

Safer Lead-Based Perovskite Solar Cell

Researchers are reporting a potential breakthrough in the development of hybrid perovskite solar cells. Considered rising stars in the field of solar energy, perovskite solar cells convert light into electricity. They're potentially cheaper and simpler to produce than traditional silicon-based solar cells and, on a small scale in laboratory settings at least, have demonstrated comparable efficiency levels. But key challenges remain before they can become a competitive commercial technology.
1 Dec 2011

Synthetic Methodologies for Producing Graphene on Large Quantities

Northern Illinois University, United States
28 Sep 2011

Graphene overtaking carbon nanotubes

Graphene is considered a hot candidate for applications such as computers, displays, photovoltaics, and flexible electronics.