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9 Dec 2021

EV Charging as Quick as Refuelling Thanks to High Power Chargers

High Power Chargers (HPCs) refer to Level 3 DC fast charging at a rate of 50 kW or more. In general, because vehicle range and battery capacities are increasing, there is an increased ability for vehicles to accept higher charge rates.
24 Nov 2021

EISO Announces $1.4 Million Investment in Smart Grid Projects

With more than 5,000 megawatts of local energy supply available in Ontario, communities are playing an increasing role in providing for their own energy needs. The Independent Electricity System Operator is investing $1.4 million to test smart grid platforms that more efficiently co-ordinate energy use and supply on a local level. Additional funding of $2 million is being provided by project partners.
11 Nov 2021

Program Leverages Two-Way Vehicle-to-Home Charging Technology

Hydro One and Peak Power launched a new pilot program to study the benefits of using electric vehicle charging technology to improve power resiliency and reliability for customers. Two-way Vehicle-to-Home charging technology will be installed at the homes of program participants to test the ability of EVs to act as batteries and provide back-up electricity through simulated power outages.
10 Nov 2021

Infinitum Electric: Axial Flux Motor with Printed Stator

IDTechEx interviewed Infinitum to learn more about their electric motor technology which consists of an axial flux motor with a PCB stator.
23 Aug 2021

HiNa Battery Technology

HiNa Battery Technology are a Chinese Na-ion battery manufacturer.
3 Aug 2021


RETORQ designs and manufactures electric motors based on its proprietary axial flux reluctance torque motor technology. Their technology presents several benefits in comparison to many typical permanent magnet machines used in electric vehicles today. IDTechEx interviewed RETORQ Motors to learn more about their motor, its advantages and applications for EVs.
19 Jul 2021

Trina Storage

Trina Storage was launched in 2021, as a separate business unit from parent solar PV company Trina Solar, to serve the growing market for grid-connected energy storage. IDTechEx spoke with Jan Schoene, Head of Product, Overseas Storage.
30 Jun 2021

A New Database for Electric Car Sales, Models and Technologies

The electric car market has grown rapidly over the past 5 years, and within this growing market, several trends can be seen when looking at batteries and traction motors. To help organizations to analyze these trends, IDTechEx has released the "Electric Car Sales, Models & Technologies Database".
25 May 2021

Urgent Need for New Stationary Storage

Starved of lithium-ion batteries and pumped storage sites, the stationary energy storage business is urgently looking for alternatives. See them in the new IDTechEx report, "Stationary Energy Storage Without Batteries: Grid, Microgrid, UPS, Trackside 2021-2041".
28 Apr 2021

Aggreko Partners with Argonne National Laboratory

Aggreko has delivered a smart battery storage system to Argonne National Laboratory. The solution will expand high power charging for electric vehicles at the organisation's Smart Energy Plaza near Chicago, Illinois, USA.
15 Apr 2021

Mercedes-AMG: Electrification and Immersion Battery

Mercedes-AMG has revealed its electrification plans for the near future including hybrids, battery-electric vehicles and the use of an immersion-cooled battery pack.
24 Mar 2021

Project Triumph TE-1 E-powertrain Revealed

The all-new battery powertrain developed by Williams Advanced Engineering for Triumph Motorcycles' TE-1 project will set new standards for electric bike performance.
23 Mar 2021

Efficient Ocean Wave Energy Harvesting for "Blue Energy"

A research team has recently developed a water-tube-based triboelectric nanogenerator that can efficiently convert various irregular and low-frequency mechanical energies, including ocean wave energy, into electricity, providing a new avenue for the development of "blue energy".
1 Feb 2021

Unico Power

Unico Power is an EVSE and energy management service provider based out of Alberta, Canada. IDTechEx caught up with CEO and co-founder Glen Gordon for an update.
15 Oct 2020

Electric Era

American company assembling high discharge rate Li-ion battery module, exploiting the high efficient cooling system design, for application in EV fast charging.
8 Jul 2020

Karma Automotive

California based Karma Automotive are best known for manufacturing luxury plug-in hybrid electric sports cars, but they are also developing a range of skateboard type chassis platforms for a wide variety of different battery electric and extended-range electric vehicles.
18 Jun 2020

Seat Launches Three New Electric Scooters

SEAT is offering new mobility solutions which meet the needs of cities and its residents and commuters, launching three electric urban mobility vehicles: the series production of the SEAT MÓ eScooter125 (electric motorcycle) and the SEAT MÓ eKickScooter65 and eKickScooter25 (electric scooter).
7 Apr 2020

BMW Reaffirms Commitment to Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

Developing alternative powertrain technologies is a top priority for the BMW Group. The carmaker offers first virtual insights into the powertrain system for the BMW i Hydrogen NEXT and reaffirms its commitment to following a carefully considered and systematic route to emission-free mobility.
14 Feb 2020

World's Largest Electrified Mining Truck

Anglo American, has engaged Williams Advanced Engineering to develop its new Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle: an ultra-class electrically powered mining haul truck, which is set to be the world's largest hydrogen powered mine truck.
14 Feb 2020


SiLC is a fabless company established in 2018 in California to develop single-chip frequency-modulated-continuous-wave (FMCW) lidar operating at 1550nm.