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Sevcon manufactures high quality motor controllers and system components for electric vehicles - impacting on the way people around the world travel, work and live.
We offer a diverse range of products on electrically powered vehicles from fork lift trucks to electric cars and bikes. These components - whether for on-road or off-road vehicles - are constructed to perform reliably in the most severe conditions.
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16 Dec 2022

Micro EVs 2023-2043: Electric Two-Wheelers, Three-Wheelers, and Microcars

IDTechEx Report: Shazan Siddiqi and Luke Gear
9 Aug 2017

BorgWarner enters into agreement to acquire Sevcon

BorgWarner announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Sevcon Inc a global player in electrification technologies.
17 Nov 2016

Industrial vehicle electric powertrain choices

Mostly, the view at the recent Industrial EV conference in Germany was that we go from HEV to maybe PHEV but certainly end with plug-in then, where possible, energy independent PEV with most industrial and commercial vehicles. The transition will be slow and involve fuel cells only in niche applications. In contrast to cars, fuel cell hydrogen charging is little trouble with industrial vehicles because they are short range and back-to-base. However, they need supercapacitors or batteries to accept inputs and provide surges and sometimes both so it gets complicated.
18 Jun 2015

Electric vehicle power electronics: divergent approaches

The power electronics business as applied to electric vehicles is becoming so huge that very divergent approaches become viable.
21 May 2014

Phoenix Motorcars announces launch of 14-passenger electric bus

Phoenix Motorcars, a company who filed for Chapter 11 when they were experiencing financial difficulties a few years ago has recently announced a new 14-passenger, all-electric shuttle bus focused on the US and international markets.
5 Nov 2013


9 Nov 2011

Bladon Jets wins second technology strategy board award

A consortium led by micro gas turbine company Bladon Jets has been awarded funding from the Technology Strategy Board to continue its development of an Ultra Lightweight Range Extender (ULRE) for next generation electric vehicles.
24 Aug 2011

Oxford Yasa Motors in racing, motorcycles and sports cars

Oxford YASA Motors has an axial flux synchronous motor technology with exceptional power to weight ratio that it is putting into racing cars, motorcycles and sports cars with partners in Malaysia and elsewhere.