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Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd

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Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd
10 Jan 2020

Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd

umitomo Electric, part of the Sumitomo Corporation, develops and manufactures vanadium redox flow battery for large scale applications.
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26 Jun 2019

Frankfurt Laser Company

Frankfurt Laser Company are an international distributor of laser diode products and a custom laser solution provider.
30 Apr 2018

Innova Superconductor Technology (InnoST)

InnoST are a first generation high-temperature superconductor (1G HTS) wire manufacturer who have commercialized their wire products. This interview was conducted in April 2018, but due to confidentiality agreements has been published in July 2019.
12 Jan 2017

Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd

Sumitomo is a large Japanese conglomerate which is now marketing its own vanadium redox flow battery for industrial and renewable energy applications.
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4 Dec 2015

Lizard electric vehicles

Extreme vehicle concepts have a habit of appearing in a car near you.
3 Dec 2015


Offering SiC inverters since 2015, using their own SiC semiconductors form MOSFETS to diodes.
15 Oct 2015

Three new technology megatrends

Thought leaders IDTechEx were among the first to identify three new megatrends in the world of technology: Structural Electronics (SE); 3D Printed Electronics (3DPE); Energy Independent Electric Vehicles (EIVs).
6 Jul 2015

High-efficiency and high-stability SiC power transistor

Sumitomo Electric has developed a power transistor of an original structure consisting of silicon carbide which is seen as a next-generation power semiconductor.
18 Jun 2015

Electric vehicle power electronics: divergent approaches

The power electronics business as applied to electric vehicles is becoming so huge that very divergent approaches become viable.
6 Mar 2015

Different electric vehicles pioneer best technology first

To benchmark new technology for electric vehicles it is vital to look at all of the off-road, on-road, water and airborne e-vehicles.
17 Sep 2014

Electric vehicle news from Battery Osaka, PV Expo, Smart Grid Expo

The Reed Exhibitions event last week consisting of PV Expo, Battery Osaka and Smart Grid Expo successfully extended an event that started with photovoltaics last year.
13 Apr 2012

Joint development of EDLC using Aluminum-Celmet

Meidensha Corporation and Sumitomo Electric Industries are developing a new electric double-layer capacitor (EDLC) which they plan to commercialise for pure electric and hybrid vehicles in 2015.
7 Jul 2011

Aluminum-celmet extends battery life

Aluminum-Celmet can be used to improve the capacity of lithium-ion secondary batteries and capacitors.