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Using RFID provides free daily news reports and informative articles about RFID technology and its applications, users, developers, trials, and implications. From the publisher of heavyweight research reports such as The Loyalty Guide 2004, this online publication simply aims to give technology executives and developers the pure facts without any hype, commercial bias, banners, or pop-ups. Feature articles and news items are published daily, and full research facilities are built in.
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Using RFID
27 Jul 2023

Arizon RFID Technology Co., Ltd.

Arizon is one of the top UHF RFID tag suppliers. Arizon's Vice General Manager, George Guo, spoke with IDTechEx about the company's recent RFID activities.
16 Mar 2023

RFID Forecasts, Players and Opportunities 2023-2033

IDTechEx Report: Dr Yu-Han Chang and Raghu Das
7 Dec 2021

Avery Dennison

Avery Dennison are a major supplier of labels, RFID tags, along with industrial/healthcare materials. IDTechEx interviewed Jeremy Schenof, VP Strategy at Avery Dennison in Nov. 2021, discussing the firm's recent RFID activities and prospects after COVID-19.
23 Nov 2021


Xerafy is a company that provides RAIN (UHF) RFID tagging solutions for a diverse industrial market. IDTechEx spoke with Michel Gillmann, Director of product and marketing at Xerafy on 27th Oct 2021.
18 May 2020


Neotech-AMT makes equipment for 3D printing of electronics. This primarily involves printing circuits, interconnects and mounting components onto the surface of existing 3D objects, but can also involve 'fully additive' manufacturing, in which the entire object is 3D printed with electronic functionality incorporated into the structure.
10 Apr 2019

Smart Packaging Counteracting the Lost Moment of Truth

In the new report "Smart Packaging 2019-2029", IDTechEx Research finds that electronic smart packaging will become a $1.8 Billion market in 2029.
27 Mar 2019


IDTechEx visited the Powercast booth at the IDTechEx Show. We caught up with them about their most recent product launches and progress developing RF charging products.
17 Aug 2015

IoT on the ski slopes

EpicMix Time will calculate and display up-to-the-minute chairlift and gondola line wait times across 55 core lifts and gondolas, as well as 13,600 acres of skiable terrain in Colorado.
8 Jul 2015


Infratab is a privately held company founded in 2002 and headquartered in Oxnard, CA, USA, with offices in Bangalore, India and Dublin, Ireland. The company makes and sells semi-active RFID sensors and software based on Infratab Freshtime technology platform which simply and securely monitors, tracks, traces and communicates a perishable's condition throughout the supply chain.
5 Nov 2014

The Internet of Things and the potential for RFID

RFID was invented seven decades ago, however, 23% of all the RFID tags ever sold were sold in 2013. In 2014, a further 1.12 billion RFID tags will be sold versus the total number of tags sold in 2013.
22 Apr 2009

How green is RFID?

In these days of environmental consciousness, what are RFID's green credentials? Is RFID a net positive or negative contributor to the campaign to help the planet?
22 Apr 2009

RFID tags from UPM Raflatac connect a French magazine to the internet

The latest issue of French publication Amusement is equipped with a UPM Raflatac RFID tag - providing readers with a link to exclusive content online.
21 Apr 2009

RFID Market Forecasts 2009-2019

IDTechEx announces the new report RFID Forecasts, Players & Opportunities 2009-2019, which addresses the global RFID situation. Areas of growth, undersupply and oversupply and trends are given based on extensive new primary research. The report provides an unprecedented level of forecasts split in many ways. Here the primary author, Raghu Das, gives a summary of the report findings.
24 Sep 2008

RFID Truths: The Real State of the RFID Market

By value, we forecast that in 2009 the value of the RFID market will grow by 23% over 2008, and in 2010 it will grow by 25% over 2009 - not exponential, but still very strong growth.
16 May 2008

Japanese companies introduce RFID Crystagram label

Currently, counterfeiting and the illegal distribution of many brand goods and other products continues throughout the world but now many countries and industries have introduced countermeasures using cutting-edge technologies.
27 Mar 2008

China repositions in RFID and prints more Part 2

One day there may be laws to tag all 150 million dogs in China and 2.4 billion pigs yearly but IDTechEx finds that there is no hurry to do this and when it is done it will almost certainly be on a province by province basis.
13 Nov 2007

Medical errors may soon be a relic of the past USA

Smart, wireless, RFID skin patches for identification and diagnostic applications are now being manufactured by Frank Sammeroff Ltd., who has formed a strategic alliance with Gentag, Inc. for the production of the patches.
17 Aug 2007

Diagnostic Skin Patches

Gentag, Inc. and The CORE Institute® in the USA have announced a joint collaborative effort to develop and market RFID diagnostic Skin Patches for Medical Applications in Orthopedics.
29 May 2007

RFID Progress in Retail to Mid 2007

IDTechEx has recently travelled to major RFID events in Europe and North America. Here are our conclusions on industry progress so far until mid 2007.
23 May 2007

The Prosperous Market for RFID

The market for RFID continues to surge forward, with investments, acquisitions and orders at record levels. The premier European IDTechEx conference RFID Europe, on the 18-19 September in Cambridge UK, will air all these aspects.