Beyond the Smartwatch: Wearable Technology Trends to Watch

The wearable technology market continues to grow, and IDTechEx predicts the industry will be worth more than US$169bn by 2030. However, as the smartwatch market matures, we are entering a new era for wearables. Alternative form-factors could begin tempting consumers away. Not only could these devices provide more value - they also have the potential to access new biometrics.
In this webinar, IDTechEx Technology Analyst Dr Tess Skyrme, will summarise key wearable technology trends to watch, including:
  • Hearables - hearing our thoughts
  • E-Textiles - pods and performance
  • Augmented/Virtual Reality - preparing consumers for the metaverse
  • Skin Patches - seeking applications beyond CGM
  • Wearables Sensors - invasiveness, data visualisation, and accuracy
The wearable technology industry is being driven by the demand for more data - but is faced with hitting maturity during an era of economic contraction. This webinar summarises the findings presented in more detail within IDTechEx's comprehensive reports on wearables sensors, electronic skin patches, augmented/virtual reality, hearables, and e-textiles. This compliments IDTechEx's related content on remote patient monitoring, diabetes management and printed sensors. More details, ten-year market forecasts and company profiles can be found at