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Research Articles

by Dr Conor O'Brien

14 Feb 2024

La crescita del mercato dei materiali per celle a combustibile PEM è trainata dal settore dei trasporti, riporta IDTechEx

Con la crescente economia dell'idrogeno, le celle a combustibile a membrana a scambio protonico (PEM) sono oggetto di continue innovazioni, soprattutto in termini di sviluppo dei materiali. Per alcuni componenti si vedono materiali dominanti, ma stanno emergendo opzioni competitive alternative e il panorama tecnologico sta iniziando a cambiare.
04 Jan 2024

Will South Korea Take a Leading Role in the Graphene Market?

Graphene has long been touted as a wonder material, capable of enabling countless next-generation technologies. The market is beginning to mature, and successful application areas are starting to emerge. These applications range from energy storage to thermal management and composites.
22 Nov 2023

Surging CNT Capacity Enables Applications Beyond Li-ion Batteries

Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are gaining significant traction as a conductive additive at the cathode of lithium-ion batteries (LiB), a market driven in turn by the electrification of vehicles. This success has seen an explosion in the global production capacity of CNTs, with players racing to establish themselves as a leading supplier to the energy sector. However, the potential application areas for CNTs extend far beyond batteries. In this article, IDTechEx assesses the effects of increasing capacity and how this surge in supply will open opportunities for CNTs beyond the LiB market.
24 Oct 2023

Graphene Market: IDTechEx Provides An Outlook for the Coming Decade

Graphene has long been seen as a "wonder material" and a solution to many of the world's challenges. The reality is very different as, unsurprisingly, the hype did not immediately translate into commercial success.
16 Aug 2023

Green Carbon Nanotubes: Reality or Good PR?

The market for nanomaterials, especially nanocarbons, continues to grow - reflecting the potential to unlock several next-generation technologies. Most notable for carbon nanotubes (CNTs) is incorporation in lithium-ion batteries, with production ramping up to fulfill demand, while major players are making acquisitions and expanding, leading to market consolidation.
11 Jul 2023

Carbon Nanotubes Critical for Booming Lithium-Ion Battery Market

The energy storage market is booming, driven predominantly by the electrification of the transportation sector. With the increasing demand for lithium-ion batteries (LiB), significant attention has been given to the supply chain of materials for LiBs beyond lithium itself. Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are gaining traction as a conductive additive at the cathode of LiBs, paving the way for significant expansion in the CNT market.
07 Jul 2023

Will the Return of Major Players Drive the Growth of the SOFC Market?

Following several decades of research and development, fuel cells are beginning to enable the promise of low-emission power generation, with specific success seen for proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFC).
26 May 2023

The Major Application Areas Driving the Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Market

The desire for zero-emission power generation has seen solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) touted as a possible solution. SOFC's capability to run on hydrogen and at a higher efficiency than alternative fuel cells when providing combined heat and power (CHP) is an enticing prospect, while fuel flexibility allows for a transition from hydrocarbons towards zero emission power generation as part of the hydrogen economy.
03 May 2023

IDTechEx Esamina L'uso Dei PFAS Come Materiali A Bassa Perdita Per Le Applicazioni 5G

La legislazione che limita l'uso di "sostanze chimiche per sempre", o sostanze per- e polifluoroalchiliche (PFAS), è in discussione in mercati importanti come l'Unione Europea e gli Stati Uniti. Ma dato che alcuni membri della famiglia dei PFAS, in particolare i fluoropolimeri come il politetrafluoroetilene (PTFE), sono stati presi in considerazione per le applicazioni 5G di prossima generazione, come influirà questo sul mercato dei materiali a bassa perdita per il 5G?
30 Mar 2023

R2R Manufacturing for BPPs Set to Unlock Potential of PEM Fuel Cells

Bipolar plates form the backbone of proton exchange fuel cells and consequently capture a significant portion of the fuel cell stack value, with IDTechEx forecasting their market value to exceed US$2.4 bn by 2033.
03 Feb 2023

Beyond Ionomers: Regulation Drives Demand for New Fuel Cell Membranes

Membrane materials are of fundamental importance for fuel cells. So significant, in fact, that they typically give their name to the fuel cell, as is the case for Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cells, with IDTechEx forecasting the market for ion-exchange membranes in PEM fuel cells to be worth over USD$1.1 billion by 2033.
07 Dec 2022

Catalysts For Change: The Key Trends for PEM Fuel Cell Catalysts

Catalysts are critical for the performance of proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells. As the trend towards zero-emission vehicles continues, fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) are projected to grow accordingly as a market sector.