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Energy Market Intelligence Subscription

A Market Intelligence Subscription from IDTechEx provides all of our market, technology, and company data relevant to the energy industry in one place.
With an annual subscription, you can utilize our unbiased market intelligence content on energy storage, power generation, energy applications, and decarbonization to make informed strategic decisions.

Our technical and commercial analysis of energy technology innovations provides a clear appraisal of complex sectors, helping you to:

  • See the full picture of technology options and their forecast commercial opportunities
  • Save time and resources, as we continuously track these sectors providing you with timely, global intelligence
  • Assess opportunities to grow your business

Our difference:

  • Technologies are thoroughly assessed by technical/PhD domain experts
  • Research is conducted at a global level through interviews, event attendance, and proprietary analysis
  • Based on our appraisal of the technology capabilities and their roadmaps versus incumbent solutions, and market drivers and requirements, IDTechEx Analysts then appraise the realistic commercial opportunities and outlook
  • Frequently updated content includes over 10,000 original analyst-created slides across 40+ reports and 450+ premium articles
  • More than 80 forecast lines across 25+ markets with long-term 10 - 20 year forecasts with historic data
  • Over 600 company profiles, with more than half based on primary research interviews
  • Option to consult with IDTechEx Technology and Market Analysts

This knowledge base, curated by industry experts, is available through an on-demand online platform. Exclusive insights and analysis guide you through the innovations in the energy landscape. New content is added weekly and often daily, giving you the key insights first. You can also receive dedicated support from the IDTechEx analyst team, helping you to apply this intelligence to find solutions, meet objectives and grow your business.

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Future Energy Trends

IDTechEx has been researching energy storage and power trends for over a decade. Over the last few years, interest in power, energy storage, and battery technology has increased rapidly as the need to decarbonize has become increasingly clear.

The adoption of the first wave of electric vehicles would not have been possible without the Li-ion batteries that power them, but mass adoption requires cheaper and higher-performance batteries. Additionally, higher levels of renewable power integration require safe, cheap, and sustainable energy storage.

Innovation in the industry continues in an attempt to meet these needs, with technology choices, material choices, and business models shifting and evolving to meet global energy and consumer demands.

IDTechEx focuses on energy research from various angles, including but not limited to material innovations, technology analysis, manufacturing improvement, application scenarios, market assessment, and player activities.

A subscription provides real-time updates on these trends through in-depth data and analysis, market forecasts, company profiles, explanatory articles, and more.

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Areas of coverage include:

Benefits of a Subscription

Organizations across the globe rely on IDTechEx data, from Fortune 500 companies to venture-backed organizations. The most cost-effective and time-efficient way to exploit this data is through IDTechEx subscription services.

  • Extensive independent data and analysis - A subscription unlocks access to all IDTechEx data, insights, and analysis related to the energy industry. High-quality, up-to-date, unbiased market intelligence on the energy industry is at your fingertips. A highly technical analyst team drives all the research, and new content is added weekly, often daily.
  • Customizable online platform - An interactive online platform gives you easy access to the most relevant reports, data, and analysis you need to keep you ahead of technology innovations as the energy industry evolves. The customizable dashboard means you can quickly access the specific content you need. Programmatic access also makes it easy for you to index our content within your own platform.
  • Dedicated time with industry experts - IDTechEx has a team of industry recognized technology analysts ready to help you understand and utilize trends in the energy industry. A subscription can include time working directly with these experts, ranging from impromptu support to update briefings, onsite strategy sessions.
  • Bespoke packages to meet your needs - You can build a package that works for your organization, tailored to your unique needs and budget. Packages can include technology and market assessments, 10 and 20 year market forecasts, company profiles and benchmarking, expert-led webinars, presentations from organizations across the energy innovation space, industry digest articles, a choice of in-depth market reports from the extensive IDTechEx portfolio, and dedicated analyst engagement.
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Our clients tell us a subscription helps them to analyze market scales for business development activities, understand competing technologies and companies, save time for information gathering, and much more.

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What does my subscription include?

A subscription can be tailored according to your needs and budget, providing access to the most relevant reports, data, and analysis via our interactive online platform. Additionally, you can get dedicated time with our experts ranging from impromptu support time to onsite strategy sessions and bespoke briefings.

All the data you need through one on-demand online platform

Industry experts work as your partner

IDTechEx analysts are perfectly placed to provide critical market intelligence on technology innovation, combining technical understanding, industry contacts, impartiality and a big picture outlook of the technology they cover.

Subscriptions can include analyst advisory time and briefings, where our experts work directly with you to understand your key objectives and needs within your industry and can use this to provide targeted support and gather specific intelligence for you.

Analyst support can include:

  • Topic overview masterclasses
  • Topic update briefings
  • Technology/product strategy workshops
  • Market intelligence skills training
  • Impromptu support and advisory sessions

Getting the Most From Your Subscription

For over 20 years, our clients have used IDTechEx insights to make strategic business decisions and grow their organizations. Here are just some of the ways our clients use the subscription services to meet their goals:

  • Identify and assess market opportunities
  • Analyze the competition and monitor industry news
  • Scout the technology innovation space
  • Meet potential partners and customers
  • Target resources towards specific areas
  • Drive roadmaps

Talk to our team to find out more.

Why IDTechEx?

  • Comprehensive coverage of the energy industry
  • In-depth analysis across a broad range of markets
  • Highly technical analysts embedded in the industry
  • A focus on primary research, getting key insights first
  • Over 10 years of experience covering energy trends

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