Dr Jack Howley Technology Analyst

Jack Howley is a Technology Analyst supporting the company's research within sensor technology. Prior to IDTechEx, Jack was a PhD researcher at the University of Oxford.
Jack was a PhD researcher in Inorganic Chemistry for Future Manufacturing, where his work focused on the development of novel air-stable phosphorus precursors to indium phosphide quantum dots. His project included the development and optimization of molecular and materials syntheses, and the design of bespoke quantum dots towards biosensing applications. His work has applications in displays, sensing, and biological imaging, and was recognized by the Jamie Ferguson Chemistry Innovation Award. During this time, Jack also worked at Oxford University Innovation, supporting the commercialization of technology across the physical and life sciences, in areas including gas sensing, deep brain stimulation, and bioanalysis platforms.
Prior to this, Jack obtained a MChem degree at the University of Edinburgh. During this time, he worked at Solvay (previously Cytec Industries) within the Mining Solutions business unit. His work focused on mineral beneficiation and toxic metal removal from phosphate rock. Jack has co-authored a paper in a peer-reviewed journal and presented his work at multiple international conference events.
Research fields
Jack currently covers the flexible and printed sensor space at IDTechEx.

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