Carbon Nanotubes: Entering the Next Stage in Their Commercial Journey

After decades of promise, we are witnessing the first major market adoption of any nanocarbon. Despite a large amount of commercial engagement and some extraordinary properties, MWCNTs have largely been kept to specific applications and relatively low market sales until now. IDTechEx believe the next decade will see a significant shift in the commercialisation of CNTs when looking at sales volumes, price, market consolidation, and adoption with the market set to exceed 70,000 tonnes of annual demand by 2032.
The other parts of the CNT family (namely SWCNTs, VACNTs, hybrid products, and those produced as a yarn or sheet) are at various stages of technology readiness and have the potential to impact a range of sectors from next-generation semiconductors to batteries.
In this webinar, IDTechEx research director Dr Richard Collins will give a comprehensive overview of the carbon nanotube industry including:
  • 10-year market outlook for CNTs
  • A deep dive into the energy storage market
  • Assessment of other key applications
  • Key player analysis and progression
  • Emerging technologies and applications
  • Opportunities and threats in the nanotube sector
For more detailed information, please see the new IDTechEx report, "Carbon Nanotubes 2022-2032: Market, Technology, Players".


Dr Richard Collins
Dr Richard Collins
Research Director, North America