Flexible Hybrid Electronics: The Best of Both Worlds?

Flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) promises to combine the benefits manufacturing of printed electronics capabilities of mounted components. Best expressed as 'print what you can, place what you can't', this rapidly emerging approach to electrical circuit manufacturing enables rapid prototyping and roll-to-roll manufacturing along with flexibility and even stretchability.
While FHE has many applications, we perceive wearable healthcare as the most promising in the short term, with longer term potential for industrial monitoring, automotive interiors, smart packaging, and integration into consumer goods. This broad addressable market has led to the recent emergence of contract manufactures offering or indeed specializing in FHE production, including via R2R manufacturing.
Dr Matthew Dyson, a Principal Technology Analyst at IDTechEx who covers printed/flexible electronics, will discuss the following topics:
  • An introduction to FHE, including motivating factors.
  • Discussion of recent innovations and commercial developments within FHE.
  • Identification of technological gaps and potential solutions.
  • A roadmap for how the industry will develop, spanning both technologies and applications.
This webinar is based on the new IDTechEx report, "Flexible Hybrid Electronics 2024-2034". This outlines innovations, opportunities, players, and trends across the technologies that underpin FHE, including flexible integrated circuits and low temperature component attachment. It also evaluates the opportunities for FHE across multiple application sectors, specifically automotive, consumer goods, energy, healthcare/wellness, and infrastructure/buildings/industrial. The report includes granular market forecasts, delineating the adoption of FHE across over 30 specific use cases.


Dr Matthew Dyson
Dr Matthew Dyson
Principal Technology Analyst