Zero Emission Gensets - $100 Billion Opportunity

A new form of genset will be vital to those seeking to come off-grid and those creating the land vehicle, boat and aircraft of the future, one that makes its own electricity, with some to spare for tasks in hand.
The new IDTechEx report, Zero Emission Transportable Gensets 2019-2039 reveals drones in the stratosphere for years on sunshine alone are zero emission gensets. However, "zero gensets" with solar power and a large battery are only a taster. Three new forms of high power energy harvesting will be far less intermittent, some needing no energy storage at all. Most will operate silently and invisibly. Mobile, no fuel supply chain, cheaper than grid, predictable costs, easily relocated, multipurpose, no poisons. What's not to like?
This webinar shows the options and the $100 billion market awaiting. Oh yes....and they will also replace $15 billion of diesel and gas gensets. But that is rather like saying a mobile phone replaces a house phone. Just a side story.