3D Ultrasound Sensor - Bat Vision For Electronic Devices (Sensors Europe 2017)

Ms Barbara Brauner, Head of Business Development
Toposens GmbH


Europe 2017 Presentation - Toposens GmbH*
Europe 2017 Audio Presentation - Toposens GmbH*

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Presentation Summary

Up until now, bats and few other animals were the only ones who could perceive their environment via echolocation with ultrasound. Technical applications were limited to the one-dimensional use of ultrasound.
Toposens has now developed the first real 3D ultrasound sensor, which perceives its environment via ultrasound in 3D, similar to a bat. This technology can be used for various applications: Autonomous vehicles can use 3D ultrasound to get a detailed view of their surroundings, people can be tracked (anonymously) to e.g. implement automated heating and lighting in office buildings and smartphones, computers etc. can now be reliably controlled via gestures.

Speaker Biography (Barbara Brauner)

Barbara Brauner studied Finance and Accounting in Vienna, all the while being fascinated by the startup scene. After having held analytical positions in banking and auditing, she started her startup career in 2015 as the first employee of Toposens in Munich, supporting the setting up and scaling up of all business-related matters in the company. Toposens is a high-tech startup developing 3D ultrasound sensors for tracking people and objects.

Company Profile (Toposens)

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Toposens is a sensor company from Munich providing robust, ultra-low power and low-cost 3D sensors for autonomous vehicles, consumer electronics products and people analytics. The company developed a completely new method of localizing 3D positions through ultrasound for the precise 3D detection of objects in real time through powerful algorithms. The sensor system of Toposens generates new ways of providing non-optical vision to machines to simplify and transform our interaction with technology and make the transportation of tomorrow smarter and more efficient.
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