A Brief Outlook On Electric Vehicles And Smart Transportation (Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing. USA 2016)

Mr James Holtz, Regional Sales Manager
United States


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USA 2016 Audio Presentation - BYD HEAVY INDUSTRIES*

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Presentation Summary

BYD is one of China's largest companies and has successfully expanded globally. Specializing in battery technologies, their green mission to "solve the whole problem" has made them industry pioneers and leaders in several high-tech sectors including high-efficiency automobiles, electrified public transportation, environmentally-friendly energy storage, affordable solar power and information technology and original design manufacturing (ODM) services.
As the world's largest manufacturer of rechargeable batteries, their mission to create safer and more environmentally-friendly battery technologies has led to the development of the BYD Iron Phosphate (or "Fe") Battery. This fire-safe, completely recyclable and incredibly long-cycle technology has become the core of their clean energy platform that has expanded into automobiles, buses, trucks, utility vehicles and energy storage facilities. BYD and all of their shareholders, including the great American investor Warren Buffett, see these environmentally and economically forward products as the way of the future.
BYD has made a strong entrance to the North, Central and South American markets with their battery electric buses, and lineup of automobiles. Their mission lies not just in sales growth, but also in sociological integration and local job creation as they have poured incredible investments into developing offices, dealerships and manufacturing facilities in the local communities they now call home, truly a first for Chinese companies. For more information, visit www.byd.com.

Speaker Biography (James Holtz)

James Holtz joined BYD Motors, Inc. in 2013 as the first Fleet Sales Manager covering U.S and Canada. As BYD continued to grow its sales team, James took on a more focused role and currently serves as the Southern California Regional Sales Manager. Prior to joining BYD James spent 12 years designing and selling data management and disaster recovery technology solutions to private and public sectors. He received a Marketing degree and a German minor degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. James resides in Long Beach with his wife and 3 young sons.

Company Profile (BYD)

BYD logo
The Official Sponsor of Mother Nature™, BYD was founded in 1995 as a battery manufacturer and advanced consumer electronics company. Applying its battery expertise to the challenge of transportation, the firm has expanded into the largest manufacturer of not only rechargeable batteries but also electric vehicles. BYD's unique expertise is revolutionizing every aspect of clean transportation, with a product line of 100% electric buses, trucks, forklifts, passenger vehicles, and monorail systems. BYD's clean energy division produces energy storage systems, solar panels, and LED lights. The firm is also the first electric bus manufacturer in the U.S. with a unionized workforce in Lancaster, California. For more information, please visit www.BYD.com External Link
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