Applications of Nanopaper in Printed Electronics (Printed Electronics Asia 2013)

Dr Masaya Nogi, Professor
Osaka University


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Presentation Summary

  • Cellulose Nanofiber Papers
  • Silver Nanowires
  • Printed Antenna
  • Foldable Electronics

Speaker Biography (Masaya Nogi)

Masaya Nogi is an Associate Professor at Laboratory of Cellulose Nanofiber Materials, The Institute of Science and Industrial Research, Osaka University, Japan. He studied wood science and technology at the Nagoya University, where he also received his DrAgr degree in 2002. Following postdoctoral work with Research Institute of Sustainable Humanosphere (Prof. Yano's group) at Kyoto University, Japan. His interests involve the development of printed electronics and the advanced cellulose nanofiber materials.

Company Profile (Osaka University)

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Cellulose nanofiber materials, ISIR, Osaka University
Cellulose nanofibers with 4-20 nm width are bundles of cellulose microfibrils, which are frameworks of cell walls in all the plants. We have developed nano-fibrillation processes of bio-resources (wood, plants fibers, crabs, shrimps e.t.c.) and some advanced nanofiber materials with high optical transparency. Moreover, we have also improved their properties or processes to realize their applications in the electronic devices.
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