Archipelago: Delivering High Precision Nanostructured Materials at Scale (Printed Electronics Europe 2014)

Mr Pavel Abdulkin, Technical Lead
Archipelago Technology Group
United Kingdom


Berlin 2014 Presentation - Archipelago Technology Group*
Berlin 2014 Audio Presentation - Archipelago Technology Group*

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Presentation Summary

• Nanostructured materials have a range of unique and powerful properties. These properties are critically dependant on particle size, morphology and architecture.
• Scale-up of currently employed synthetic methodologies normally leads to a loss in preci-sion of the nanostructures that results insignificantly compromised performance of the ma-terial
• Archipelago Technology Group is announcing its approach to scale-up nanoparticle synthe-sis with full retention of product quality
• Archipelago will be making these precision functional materials available later this year

Speaker Biography (Pavel Abdulkin)

Dr. Pavel Abdulkin is a Head of Functional Materials at Archipelago Technology Group Ltd ( Previously he completed doctoral research at the University of Cam-bridge and has undertaken research and development work for Toyota and BP. Pavel applies Ar-chipelago's core capabilities in precision fluidic control and precision measurement to fabrication and application of functional materials

Company Profile (Archipelago Technology Group)

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Archipelago Technology Group Ltd is a Cambridge-based technology business dedicated to developing safe, reliable, and efficient solutions in the fields of precision fluidic control and precision measurement. Current projects focus on:
*Inkjet and dispensing
*Precision fabrication of materials for applications in functional coatings, catalysis and diagnostics.
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