Cloaking and Perfect Imaging (Printed Electronics & Photovoltaics USA 2009)

Prof Ulf Leonhardt, School of Physics & Astronomy
University of St Andrews, UK
United Kingdom


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Presentation Summary

  • The science behind invisibility
  • Perfect imaging without negative refraction

Speaker Biography (Ulf Leonhardt)

Ulf Leonhardt is the Chair in Theoretical Physics at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. In 2006 Scientific American listed him among the top 50 policy business and research leaders of the world for his work on invisibility devices. In 2008 he received a Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award and in 2009 a Theo Murphy Blue Skies Award. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics and of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. Ulf Leonhardt enjoys imaginative research that connects the practical aspects of physics with abstract ideas, thoughts and stories, and bridges several areas of physics.

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