Describe How RAIN Technology Is Being Used For IoT And Sensors (Internet of Things Applications USA 2018)

Dr C Paul Slaby, CEO
Teslonix Inc.


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Presentation Summary

How to deliver more power to wireless battery-free IoT devices. Teslonix invention, smartRFpower™, significantly extends the range of wireless energy transfer compared to alternative RAIN RFID technologies resulting in 50% or more infrastructure cost reduction and offering a path to 1 ft RTLS accuracy. When applied to battery-free sensors this technology makes passive IoT connectivity a reality.

Speaker Biography (C Paul Slaby)

Dr. Slaby is the company founder and CEO of Teslonix. He is an experienced technology executive and early-stage CEO specialist. He founded and ran several successful high-tech ventures including ATMOS Corp, MicroSemiX, VoIPshield Systems, Kaben Wireless Silicon and others. He led them from ground zero through VC funding, product and market development, to industry leadership. He held various engineering and management positions in Bell Northern Research, Nortel Networks, and Carleton University before embarking on his entrepreneurial career.

Company Profile (Teslonix Inc.)

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Teslonix, the Passive IoT Connectivity Company, offers smartRFpower™ technology and products which significantly enhance energy harvesting applications, delivering longer range, reduced infrastructure costs and passive RTLS capability. The company goal is to empower the development of the Internet of Things by enabling cost-effective Smart Spaces with RAIN RFID tags and passive sensors.
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