Design Rules Of Integration - How To Design Garments That Can Accommodate Electronics And How To Choose Electronics That Integrate Well Into Apparel. (Wearable USA 2016)

Ms Madison Maxey, Founder
United States


IDTechEx Show! USA Presentation - LOOMIA*
IDTechEx Show! USA Audio Presentation - LOOMIA*

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Presentation Summary

For smart apparel and smart soft goods, an electronic housing is often a jacket, a piece of furniture, or a car interior. This presentation will explain approaches for good integration of electronics into soft goods products with an emphasis on apparel. We'll cover sourcing raw materials for circuitry development, choosing technical fabrics for exteriors, and creating garment forms that that make for a seamless integration between industries.

Speaker Biography (Madison Maxey)

Maddy Maxey is founder of Loomia. She is also a Forbes 30 Under 30 member and a Thiel Fellow and has held artist residencies at companies like Autodesk and schools like SVA. Her work has been covered by Fast Company, The Wall Street Journal and many more. She does both creative and technical work with the aim of contributing to the e-textiles industry.

Company Profile (LOOMIA)

Loomia (formerly The Crated) is a Brooklyn based company focused on creating materials and processes that make it easier to produce smart apparel at scale. Loomia's smart apparel engineering and integration work has been for companies like Google and Topshop. They are based out of Brooklyn's New Lab, a hub focused on advanced manufacturing and materials.
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