Development of Low-Cost Copper Nanoparticle Ink and its Sintering Mechanism for Flash Light Sintering (Printed Electronics USA 2015)

Dr Yong-Sul Song, VP, Advanced Materials Center
Amogreentech Co., Ltd.
Prof Hak-Sung Kim, Associate Professor-Dept.Mechanical Engineering
Hanyang University


USA 2015 Presentation - Amogreentech Co.*

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Presentation Summary

In our talk, we will introduce a flash light sintering technique for millisecond, large area sintering of cheap metal nanoinks in ambient conditions for printed electronics devices such as Flexible PCB.
Flash light sintering of various conductive metal nanoinks such as silver, copper, nickel and hybrid Cu-Ag nanoink will be introduced and their sintering mechanism will be discussed in-depth. Also, their applications to the variety of the industries will be introduced. It is expected that flash light sintering technology combined with the cheap metal nanoparticle inks technology would open new avenue in the field of printed electronics and energy harvesting/ storage applications.

Speaker Biography (Yong-Sul Song)

Dr. YongSul Song received his Ph.D. in Material Science & Engineering from Seoul National University, Seoul Korea in 1990. From that time, he is trying to develop the new kinds of electronic materials for IT and energy applications. Especially, he has devoted much effort to the development and industrialization of nano materials. Now, as a vice president/CTO, he is in charge of the Research Center for Advanced Materials in Amogreentech Co., Ltd. Amogreentech is interesting in the development and application of nano inks/pastes and nano membranes using nano particles and nano fibers for flexible and wearable devices.

Speaker Biography (Hak-Sung Kim)

Prof. Hak-Sung Kim received his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in 2006.
When he was in UCLA (2008) as the lecturer and postdoctoral researcher, he developed and published the journal paper about the intense pulsed light sintering of copper nanoparticles for printed electronics for the first time in the world (Applied Physics A, 97, 791-798, 2009). Since 2008, he has worked in the field on flash light sintering of the metal nanoinks for about 8 years, which will be our main topic in this joint presentation with Dr. YongSul Song. Prof. Kim is currently serving as an associate professor in Hanyang University.

Company Profile (Amogreentech)

Amogreentech logo
Amogreentech is a company that develops and manufactures the key components for the information & communication, environment and energy industry based on the new materials technology. Amogreentech is equipped with world-class competitiveness through the constant technology development and we are trying to introduce new products to meet customer needs. Amogreentech is producing the eco-friendly products like as the nano-magnetic components for efficient use and management of energy, the nano-fiber application products made by the world's highest production technology of nano-fiber and the Ag/Cu nano inks and pastes using Ag/Cu nano particles made by innovative production methods for the printed electronics industry.
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Company Profile (Hanyang University)

Hanyang University was founded in 1939. It is ranked 4th in the number of CEO's at the top 100 Korean companies and 5th in Korea by number of SCI citations.
Seed lab (Superconductivity, Electrical material & Energy storage Device lab) was established in 2009. Superconductivity research area includes improving and stabilizing superconductor levitation. Current researches on piezoelectricity include "Water Energy Scavenging Technology using Piezoelectric Harvesting" and "Development of piezoelectric harvesting system for application of train".
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