Efficient Design Of Application-Specific Electromagnetic Vibration Energy Harvesters For Industrial Wireless Sensor Systems (Internet of Things Applications Europe 2018)

Mrs Bianca Leistritz, Scientific Staff Member-Energy Harvesting Simulation


Europe 2018 Presentation - IMMS GmbH*

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Presentation Summary

With the help of the developed computer-aided design methodology, application-specific electromagnetic energy harvester can be dimensioned and designed virtually at the touch of a button. This allows the systems to be built on the one hand as small as possible and on the other hand cost-effective. An example demonstrator illustrates the proof of function.

Speaker Biography (Bianca Leistritz)

Bianca Leistritz studied mechatronics at the Technical University of Ilmenau / Germany and graduated with a Dipl.-Ing. degree (2002-2007). Since 2007 she has been employed as a research assistant at the Institut für Mikroelektronik- und Mechatronik-Systeme gemeinnützige GmbH (IMMS). Her research topic is the development of kinetic energy harvesters for the realization of energy self-sufficient wireless sensor systems.

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