Electronics: The Final Frontier (Wearable USA 2016)

Mr Steve Sherman, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer
United States

Speaker Biography (Steve Sherman)

Drawing on extensive experience implementing strategy, process improvements and technology solutions, Steve Sherman advises and implements strategy and technology that optimize efficiency and organizational accountability. With HZO since 2012, Sherman serves as chief strategy officer and guides global strategic platforms and development, including corporate systems strategy as well as internal and external marketing initiatives. Prior to HZO, he spent 15 years with Hirata Corporation of America, a global automation and production engineering company, in director-level and executive roles. He is fluent in Japanese and has degrees in Asian studies from Brigham Young University and an MBA focused on Technology Commercialization from Westminster College.

Company Profile (HZO)

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HZO has set the world standard in technology solutions that protect electronics from corrosion and extended liquid immersion. A durable thin film is applied directly to the components of a device, creating a physical barrier between the vital circuitry and any kind of corrosive liquid.
The company's advanced nanotechnology provides innovative liquid protection from the inside out, and our patent protected materials, process and equipment provide an end-to-end solution that allows flexibility for manufacturers to develop new product features and functionality, while giving end-users the freedom to do more with the electronic devices they rely on.
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