Energy Harvesters Utilizing Galfenol Technology (Energy Harvesting and Storage USA 2011)

Eric Summers, VP & Chief Materials Engineer
ETREMA Products
United States


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Presentation Summary

  • Vibrational energy harvesting devices utilizing the new magnetostrictive material Galfenol will be presented. A brief comparison between piezoelectric, magnetoelectric, and Galfenol-based energy harvesters will be made.
  • A review of the Galfenol technology will be presented including the current state of the art of the technology; with a focus on material properties and available form factors. In addition, a brief discussion on the future direction of Galfenol technology will be presented.
  • The principles of operation of these next generation energy harvesters will be discussed.
  • A prototype energy harvester will be displayed demonstrating the capabilities of Galfenol-based energy harvesters.

Speaker Biography (Eric Summers)

Eric Summers is a Vice President and the Chief Materials Engineer at ETREMA Products, Inc., responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company and managing R&D efforts in the development of next generation technologies. Mr. Summers has been with the company for eight years and is ETREMA's lead investigator focusing on new magnetostrictive materials such as Galfenol, identifying applications best suited to exploit these new technologies, and establishing key partnerships to accelerate the adoption of these new technologies.

Company Profile (ETREMA Products, Inc.)

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ETREMA Products, Inc., a world leader in magnetostrictive technology development, was founded in 1987 to produce the giant magnetostrictive material (GMM), Terfenol-D. Since that time, Etrema has expanded its capabilities to include the design and manufacture of devices based on magnetostrictive technologies. Some of these devices include Active Machining Systems (AMS) Technology which enables the production of high tolerance, non-round components; devices that exploit the sono-chemistry phenomenon - cavitation, next generation sonar, and vibrational energy harvesting. ETREMA is also a leading industrial partner to universities and government labs in the research and development of new magnetostrictive materials, such as Galfenol. Galfenol offers a unique combination of properties not exhibited in most active materials; a large magnetostrictive response in a mechanically robust alloy.
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