Enhance The Performance Of Buildings In A Resource Effective Built Environment (Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2016)

Mr Martin Pauli, Architect Materials Consulting
Arup Deutschland GmbH

Presentation Summary

Arup as a global design and planning company perceives a shift from energy efficiency towards resource effectiveness in the build environment. In his presentation Martin will focus on how buildings can correspond with their environment and thus actively contribute services to the urban metabolism. He will show latest material and technology developments and discuss their potential to prepare a new generation of buildings and cities.

Speaker Biography (Martin Pauli)

Martin's background is design, he holds a Master's degree in architecture and is an expert for Circular Economy with emphasis on the development and application of new materials and technologies for buildings, their systems and components. At the interface between Materials Consulting and Arup`s Foresight Consulting practice, Martin is in charge of innovation management and collaborative product development. Since he began at Arup, he has been working with clients like Volkswagen, BASF and Google, aiming to utilize latest technologies and materials to optimize the performance of our build environment. Martin lectures widely on national and international conferences on how our build environments can develop towards a closed loop system within a resource effective economy.

Company Profile (ARUP)

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Arup is an independent global firm for planning and consulting services, bringing together broadminded individuals from a wide range of disciplines and challenging them to look beyond the constraints of their own specialization. Arup came to the world's attention through its contribution to landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House or the Centre Pompidou in Paris. With 11,000 planners, designers, engineers and consultants in 90 offices in in 39 countries today, Arup offers innovative and sustainable solutions for the built environment. With 160 professionals at offices in Berlin, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf, Arup in Germany provides tailored solutions to clients' demands, ranging from specialist expertise to fully integrated multidisciplinary projects.
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