How Can We Intuitively Manage The Transition Between Autonomous & Manual Modes Of Driving So As To Eliminate Mode Confusion? (Internet of Things Applications USA 2016)

Mr Brian Lathrop, Senior Manager - Electronics Research Lab
VW Group
United States


IDTechEx Show! USA Presentation - VW Group*

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Presentation Summary

If you've ever failed to realize that your car was in park when you hit the accelerator, or you've ever tried typing into the wrong window on your computer screen, you've been a victim of mode confusion. Mode confusion is said to be involved in 50% of airplane crashes, and mode confusion in a car is even more critical. Drivers are not usually highly trained professionals with hundreds of miles and many minutes to react to problems; they are also faced with dozens of problems every minute. Drivers of AVs need to be entirely clear whether they are manually driving or in autonomous mode. Any confusion in this context needs to be entirely eliminated for AVs to be safe. VW ERL has been addressing this and many other issues concerned with autonomous driving. This presentation will review how mode clarity can be designed in.