Laser Sintering - How To Make It Affordable. (3D Printing Europe 2016)

Mr Konrad Glowacki, Co-founder

Presentation Summary

Laser Sintering is one of most interesting 3d printing methods, but it is still not used in most of the companies.
Why does it matter to provide affordable Laser Sintering System?
How it is possible to make machines at a price, that most small and medium companies can afford?

Speaker Biography (Konrad Glowacki)

Konrad is a co-founder of Sinterit, responsible for business and cooperation within the industry.
Konrad is former Google employee, where he spent almost 4 years.
After starting Sinterit, he became responsible for business operations and part of an internal software stack.

Company Profile (Sinterit Sp. z o.o.)

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Established on 2014. Head Office : Krakow, Poland. Main Business : Laser sintering 3D printers.
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