OPV, an Industrial Reality (Printed Electronics Europe 2013)

Francois Barreau, Marketing Manager/Business Development
Armor Sustainable Energies (ASE)


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Presentation Summary

  • Armor , Who are we ?
  • Armor & OPV , our project ?
  • Our approach ?
  • Our offer ?
  • Our objectives ?
  • Conclusion

Speaker Biography (Francois Barreau)

François Barreau is Marketing Manager of the new ASE (Armor Sustainable energies) activity within the company. François Barreau graduated from ENSCM as chemical engineer in 1987 and obtained several degrees in Marketing along his career. A strong experience in BtoB Marketing & business development at worldwide scale in various industry such as glues, plastics, consumables, printing& electronic devices,... an with successes in partnership set up.

Company Profile (Armor)

Armor logo
Armor is a, 200 million+ € turnover company, based in Nantes France. During the past 90 years, Armor has shown an outstanding ability to innovate, adapt to market changes and constantly deliver high quality products. Armor is today an undisputed worldwide leader in the formulation, processing & high speed manufacturing of thin films dedicated to Thermal Transfer technology for printing over packaging and barcode labels. Based on this industrial know-how and the acknowledged resources of its R&D department, Armor decided in 2010 to start an ambitious development program called OSCAR (Organic Solar Cells by Armor) with the technological and financial support of a highly-regarded consortium. The objective is to manufacture and to commercialize efficient and relevant OPV films from 2015 and to offer additional, autonomous, smart photovoltaic solutions to the market through their partners. Armor ambition is supported by the day-to-day involvement of its 1800 employees in a sustainable company program actually initiated in 2008 by the present company CEO : Hubert de Boisredon.
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