Pigtracker: Using UHF-RFID for Pig Traceability (RFID Europe 2011)

Mr Niels Peter Baadsgaard, Senior Project Leader
Danish Agriculture & Food Council


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Presentation Summary

  • The Danish pig production context
  • Why is UHF-RFID the choice for pigs?
  • The tracebility framework
  • The future perspectives

Speaker Biography (Niels Peter Baadsgaard)

2006-present: Senior project leader at Section for Veterinary Research and Development, Danish Pig Production. 1999-2001: Ph.D. project Development of Clinical Monitoring Methods in Pig Production. 1996-1999: Research assistant at Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Research Centre Foulum. 1985-1996: Public meat control. 1985-1995: Clinical practitioner (farm animals).

Other activities and qualifications: - Cornell University 2001 (10 months). Department of Population Medicine. - University of California, Davis 2003 (1 month). - Participation with scientific papers at ISVEE (International Symposium on Veterinary Epi-demiology and Economics) in Colorado (2000), Chile (2003) and Australia (2003). - Censorship for Ph.D. study: Aspects of Animal Health Economics in the finisher pig production - with emphasis on leg disorders, Tina Birk Jensen. - 8 peer reviewed papers within clinical epidemiology (keywords: Bayesian modelling meth-ods, evaluation of diagnostic tests, longitudinal models, clinical monitoring). - Postgraduate courses in advanced veterinary epidemiology. - Animal health economics (Methodology: Bayesian networks). - Database programming and database management. - Board member and secretary in The Danish Pig Veterinary Society (2002-2008).

Company Profile (Danish Agriculture & Food Council)

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The Danish Agriculture & Food Council represents the agricultural and food industry in Denmark and it is the result of a merger between the Danish Agricultural Council, Danish Bacon and Meat Council, Danish Pig Production and Danish Agriculture. The organisation also undertakes a range of key tasks for the Danish Dairy Board. The Danish Agriculture & Food Council represent Denmark's largest industry and innovation grouping employing some 150,000 people and exporting agricultural products and equipment to a value of around €15 billion.
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