Power in Fibre Form: the Development and Application of Solar Cells and Storage in Textiles (Printed Electronics Europe 2014)

Mr Christian Dalsgaard, Founder - Advice & Development
Ohmatex ApS


Berlin 2014 Presentation - Ohmatex*

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Presentation Summary

• Rationale and key characteristics of energy harvesting and storage in a fibrous matrix
• Industrial applications of power textiles and wearable solutions
• Textile power as an off-grid energy source
• Identifying materials for constructing PV and storage fibres
• Large scale manufacturing and interconnection in power textiles

Speaker Biography (Christian Dalsgaard)

Christian Dalsgaard, CTO, founded Ohmatex in 2004. He has considerable expertise in the field of commercializing smart textile development. His knowledge of the field spans over a decade from the very early stages of smart textile research and development. He has degrees in electrical engineering, physics and computer science from the Danish Engineering Academy and the University of Aarhus in Denmark. He has a developed a strong international network of companies who partner with Ohmatex in new products and developments.

Company Profile (Ohmatex)

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As a smart textile pioneer and consultancy, Ohmatex is a specialist in dealing with the delicate nature of incorporating conductivity into your concept, with textiles as a base layer. Our cross-industry expertise is made up of experts in electronic and biomedical engineering, textiles, industrial design and software development. All combined to a knowledge platform providing outstanding solutions to any technical issue. Our mission is to make your project become a reality.
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