Prussian Blue Batteries For High Power, High Cycle Life Applications (Energy Storage Innovations USA 2018)

Dr Ali Firouzi, VP of Product Engineering
Natron Energy

Presentation Summary

This presentation will introduce the unique Prussian blue electrode sodium-ion battery that Natron Energy has developed, including the underlying technology and applicable markets. It will connect materials properties of the Prussian blues, design and process engineering of the surrounding device, and the resulting device level performance.

Speaker Biography (Ali Firouzi)

Dr. Ali Firouzi has over 20 years of industrial experience with extensive focus on energy storage technologies. In 2005, he co-founded Deeya Energy, commercializing flow batteries for Telecom applications in emerging economies. In 2011, as the Director of CUNY's Energy Institute's battery projects, he led the early stage development efforts of what ultimately became Urban Electric Power. Since early 2013, Ali has been at Natron Energy, most recently serving as VP of Product Engineering. He earned a BS and PhD in Chemical Engineering from University of Minnesota and University of California at Santa Barbara, respectively. Dr. Firouzi holds 14 granted patents.

Company Profile (Natron Energy)

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Natron Energy is a battery technology start up company that has developed unique hardware solutions delivering high power, long cycle life, and industry-leading safety at a competitive price. Natron's battery packs offer a unique value proposition for industrial and grid storage applications including data center UPS, fast charge forklifts, and EV fast charge support. Natron's rack mounted battery packs are now in customer validation testing by world leading system integrators and data center operators. Natron is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. It is backed by four leading venture capital firms and has received support from ARPA-E.
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