Pushing The Limits In R2R Productions Of Printed Electronics (Printed Electronics Europe 2017)

Mr Frank Schaefer, Sales Director-New Products

Presentation Summary

Printed Electronics are already everywhere in our day to day life. To make them even more affordable for consumers, the costs of production need to be decreased, along with an increase of efficiency and quality. To achieve this goal, the Roll to Roll (R2R) production of Printed Electronics on flexible substrates like polymer films, metal foils or paper substrates is the way to move forward in the future.
The presentation will give an overview of the state of the art high end printing, coating and drying techniques. Further, the processes on the market, suitable for laboratory scale of up to 500mm working width are explained and tendencies of future developments are given.
In all cases for Printed Electronics, customized machine solutions and processes are required, which however are based on standard machine components.
These are mainly comprising:
  • unwinding and rewinding units
  • coating/printing heads
  • dryers
  • laminators as well as
  • auxiliary equipment
The various features of the components will be explained and necessary requirements to fulfil the demands of the Printed Electronics Industry are highlighted.
One aspect is the versatility and flexibility of the R2R equipment, regardless whether the machine is used in R&D institutes, laboratories, start-ups or at industrial customers. Expert's support from the machinery supplier, theoretical and practical training forms also a major part of a successful operation, especially, when the small scale, laboratory experiences are transferred into larger scale production units.

Speaker Biography (Frank Schaefer)

* Diploma in Engineering - Graduate of Polytechnique of Chemistry Reutlingen / Germany
* Master of Business Administration (MBA) in International Marketing of EA Reutlingen / Germany
* Sales Director at KROENERT GmbH & Co KG
* working in the converting industry for more than 15 years
* expert for R2R printing, coating and laminating machines and process technology used in the production of electronics and other high end technology applications
* networking, business developments, cooperations
* speaker and coach at various conferences and seminars

Company Profile (KROENERT GmbH & Co KG)

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