RFID and Ultra Low-Power Sensing: Technology & Applications (RFID Europe 2011)

Dr Matthew Steinberg, Founder & Director
GoSense Wireless
United Kingdom


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Presentation Summary

  • GoSense Wireless Stat-ID(TM): ultra-low-power wireless sensor nodes with RFID air interfaces.
  • Critical aspects of the technology and various applications for ultra low-power sensing.
  • A new patent-pending sensor for monitoring the status of steel-reinforced concrete superstructures.

Speaker Biography (Matthew Steinberg)

Matthew is a director and co-founder at GoSense Wireless. His career centres around new products & technology development primarily for the healthcare and bioscience industries, with clients including Baxter, Roche, Oxford Instruments, ESA and NASA. His expertise in biosensors, diagnostics and recent work on RFID chemical sensors led to the founding of GoSense Wireless in 2011. Matthew previously co-founded a science & technology consulting firm, Erasmus Technology LLP, where he is a Partner. He teaches Diagnostic Technologies and Technology Management & Innovation to Master's students, and holds a BEng in Electronic Engineering and a PhD in Biotechnology.

Company Profile (GoSense Wireless)

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GoSense Wireless is developing ultra-low power sensor nodes for industrial, scientific and consumer markets. Its Stat-ID™ range of contactless sensor/logger products includes sensors for temperature, pressure, light, humidity, motion, carbon monoxide and force as well as application specific products and OEM modules. Every sensor node has a unique ID, operates from a coin-cell or energy harvesting device, and consumes an ultra-low 5 uW in standby. The wireless interface has a read range of up to 2 metres and is compatible with ISO15693. Nodes can additionally operate passively (without batteries) by scavenging energy from the EM field of the reader.
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