RFID Magic - bending the Laws of Physics (Smart Labels Europe 2005)

Mr Oscar Heufkens, Technical Manager Auto ID
Scanology BV, Netherlands


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Company Profile (Scanology)

Scanology logo
Scanology is a specialist provider of identification and tracking systems to the European market.
Our team contains both skilled technicians and experienced business users.
Our mission is to minimise the business risk of our clients by providing complete visibility of their assets and processes.
We achieve this by
  • Practical advice on use of RFID (passive and active) and barcode data capture systems
  • Design and delivery of applications software
  • Innovative sensor systems to record critical aattributes e.g., temperature, shock, real-time location
  • Vehicle fleet management and mobile worker monitoring
  • Secure data storage and on-line reporting of process status
  • Quality Assurance services to maximise performance of RFID and barcode systems
Specialist consultancy on
  • identification technologies and standards
  • logistics systems implementation and change management.
  • RFID antennae design
Areas of expertise include
  • Airport baggage handling
  • Care in the community logistics
  • Diamond tracking
  • Food traceability
  • Printing/encoding of smart labels.
  • Barcode and RFID QA
  • Standardisation (ISO, ETSI, CEN, GS1).
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