Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing of Electronics on Flexible Substrates using Self Aligned Imprint Lithography (Printed Electronics Asia 2008)

Richard Elder, Project Manager
Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, United States


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Presentation Summary

  • Monitoring and control of continuous processes
  • 1/3 m wide Roll-to-Roll toolset
  • Display backplane demonstrator

Speaker Biography (Richard E Elder)

Richard Elder has been a researcher and manager at HP Laboratories for the past 28 years. Early in his career, he developed characterization tools for HP's first thin film disks. Since then he has worked on all forms of storage, including development of fundamental technologies for the LTO Ultrium tape format and the DVD+RW rewritable DVD. He is currently managing a project in the Information Surfaces Laboratory at HP Labs that aims to make large-area flexible electronics a reality. Mr. Elder has a degree in Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.