Solid State Batteries For The IoT (Energy Storage Innovations USA 2016)

Mr Graeme Purdy, CEO
Ilika Technologies Ltd
United Kingdom


IDTechEx Show! USA Presentation - Ilika Technologies Ltd*
USA 2016 Audio Presentation - Ilika Technologies Ltd*

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Presentation Summary

Ilika has launched solid state batteries technology to meet the specific demands of applications in the IoT space for low maintenance, long life devices by removing the need for cabling or changing batteries regularly.
Ilika's advanced electrode and electrolyte materials make them lighter and safer, plus faster to charge and with longer charge retention than other lithium ion solutions today. Ilika's Stereax™ batteries use patented materials and processes, enabling superior energy density per footprint, up to 40% improvement on current solid state solutions and performance to over 100°C, 30°C higher than existing products.
Ilika's batteries are more moisture resistant since they do not contain any free lithium at any state of charge. Ilika's technology and materials selection allow the unique stacking of active components to further improve energy density per footprint.

Speaker Biography (Graeme Purdy)

Graeme Purdy has been the CEO of Ilika since its foundation in 2004. He led the company through two successful rounds of venture funding before floating it on the London Stock Exchange in 2010.
Prior to joining Ilika, Graeme was COO of a high-technology company in the Netherlands and before that worked internationally in a variety of technical and commercial roles for Shell. Graeme holds a Master's degree in Chemical Engineering from Cambridge and an MBA from INSEAD business school in France. Graeme is a Chartered Engineer and a Sainsbury Management Fellow.

Company Profile (Ilika)

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Ilika is a pioneer in solid state battery technology and materials innovation. Ilika's range of solid state Stereax® batteries includes miniaturised batteries for powering wireless sensors deployed in applications ranging from hostile industrial environments to medical implants. Ilika has also recently extended its roadmap to develop larger format cells suitable for providing automotive power.
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