The Cloud and RFID: Making Deployments Seamless (RFID Europe 2011)

Mr Joe Pleshek, President and CEO
Terso Solutions
United States


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Presentation Summary

  • The rise of cloud computing is eerily similar to RFID. So it's no surprise that the two technologies are closely tied.
  • The exploding acceptance of cloud computing is expected to accelerate the adoption of RFID technology over the next 12-24 months.
  • A cloud-based architecture will likely enable a rush to RFID systems by those that deemed the technology too expensive in the past.
  • By using the cloud, enterprises gain numerous advantages when deploying RFID technology, notably lower IT costs, the elimination of costly infrastructure requirements, more frequent technology updates, and a faster overall rollout with a quicker path to ROI.

Speaker Biography (Joe Pleshek)

Joe Pleshek is the President and CEO of Terso Solutions. Since joining Terso in 2007 he has overseen rapid growth for the company providing overall strategic direction and financial management for the business as well as managing day-to-day operations. He has worked closely with Terso's clients in the Healthcare and Life Science markets to drive business value through Terso's RFID enabled inventory management solutions. Prior to joining Terso, Joe held several sales, marketing and general management positions at Appleton Papers. Most recently he managed an acquisition for Appleton that was based in the United Kingdom. During this time, Joe led the company's development of a RFID tag converting line which provided a new business revenue stream for the company. Joe also worked at 3M Corporation where he expanded his new business development skills by introducing several new product and service offerings. Joe earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Technology from the University of Wisconsin-Stout as well as a Masters of Business Administration degree in Marketing from the University of St. Thomas.

Company Profile (Terso Solutions)

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Terso Solutions is a leading provider of automated inventory management solutions for tracking high-value medical and scientific products in healthcare and life science. Backed by 13 years of RFID product development and implementation experience, we have implemented more than 1,000 RFID enabled intelligent enclosures around the world. Our Healthcare customers use our solution in Cath Labs, Emergency Rooms, and Hospital Supply Rooms every day. And our life science customers take advantage of an efficient, 24/7 solution for managing high-value scientific products. Headquartered in Madison, WI, Terso Solutions is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Promega Corporation. Additional information is available online.
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