The Use of Novel Nanocopper Based Inks and Pastes for Printed Electronics Applications (Printed Electronics Asia 2013)

Dr Ian E Clark, Sales & Marketing Director
Intrinsiq Materials Ltd
United Kingdom


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Presentation Summary

  • Intrinsiq Materials is an advanced materials company focusing on nanocopper conductive inks and pastes for the printed electronics industry
  • Expertise in the synthesis, functionalisation and dispersion of nanoparticles, ink formulation and laser sintering systems
  • Novel inkjet ink and screen print pastes designed for curing by flashlamp or laser on a range of flexible and low temperature substrates in air at room temperature are described
  • Laser sintering systems designed for these copper inks are also described

Speaker Biography (Ian E Clark)

Dr Clark is a Physicist and joined QNL, the precursor to Intrinsiq Materials, as Sales & Marketing Director in 2003. His early career started with De Beers in South Africa, working on the industrial applications of ultra-hard materials, an area in which he holds a number of patents. Since returning to the UK, Ian has over 20 years of experience in senior technical sales, marketing and business development roles with De Beers, Umicore Advanced Materials and QinetiQ, the UK defence technology and security business.

Company Profile (Intrinsiq Materials)

Intrinsiq Materials logo
Intrinsiq Materials is an advanced materials company with facilities in Farnborough UK and
Rochester US, providing nanoparticle based copper ink formulations for printed electronics
applications. Our copper inkjet ink, 'Intrinsiq CI', and copper screen print paste, 'Intrinsiq CP', are innovative ink formulations designed for photonic curing at room temperature in air, by laser or broad band flash techniques. Conductivities are comparable to commercial silver inks on a range of substrates, including paper. The company has additional inks under development, including nanoparticle based nickel and silicon.
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