Ultra-slow Movement Piezo-magnetic Harvesting (Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013)

Prof Jerome Delamare, Professor - Grenoble-INP
Mr Orphee Cugat, Senior Scientist


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Presentation Summary

  • Energy up to 200 µJ per event using post-stamp sized active materials (plus magnets)
  • Efficient even with extremely slow movements: up to 1 hour (as well as fast, of course)
  • Non-contact: remote activation, through walls, no harsh point /no wear /no noise.
  • Simultaneous energy harvesting AND event detection

Speaker Biography (Jerome Delamare)

EnerBee Founder & CTO, Jérôme has led numerous international research and industrial collaboration projects. Professor at Grenoble Institute of Technology with more than 20 years of experience in electro-magnetism and energy harvesting, he was also Program Director of the advanced Master's in marketing energy and management with Grenoble Ecole de Management.

Speaker Biography (Orphee Cugat)

Orphée Cugat (1965) Senior Researcher at CNRS/G2Elab. Permanent magnets applications, magnetic devices, MEMS. Engineer ENS Arts & Métiers, PhD Materials Science (lab. Louis Néel). Co-directs Mag-MEMS team in G2Elab.

Company Profile (EnerBee)

EnerBee logo
EnerBee is a technology transfer project developed by an interdisciplinary team from Grenoble University (Grenoble INP, CEA LETI, Joseph Fourier University and CNRS) localized at MINATEC, France.
EnerBee harvesters emerge from microtechnologies studies transposed to the centimeter scale.
Our patented technology can harvest energy from displacement with no time dependence: Timeless Harvesters.
EnerBee is as efficient with very slow movements as with high speed displacements. Translations and/or rotations can be harvested contactlessly, with no cogging effect.
EnerBee know-how includes both harvesters and Power Management System. Stamp-sized prototypes can supply proprietary or custom wireless transmissions (Ultra Wide Band, ZigBee Green Power, EnOcean ...).
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