Wafer Scale CVD Graphene: From Lab To Fab (Graphene USA 2019)

Mr Tom Fedolak, Business Development Manager
United States

Presentation Summary

Advances in CVD Graphene synthesis, transfer and wafer-scale integration have opened the door for new industrial applications. Outstanding properties of CVD Graphene layers, homogeneity, industrial-scalability and reproducibility are the main drivers for the development of new Graphene based electronic devices. In order to support the next phase of early stage technology product development, Graphene foundry services may fulfill a need for the industrial community. The key factors to successfully move forward in the development of Graphene based electronics will be presented and discussed.

Speaker Biography (Tom Fedolak)

Tom Fedolak is the US, Business Development Manager for the graphene manufacturer and supplier, Graphenea. He started his career at the bench in the bio-chemical and chemical industries. He transitioned from the laboratory to business development by holding roles in investment banking, economic development groups and the biotechnology industry. He holds a Bachelor's in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology from Michigan State University and a Masters in Biotechnology from Georgetown University.

Company Profile (Graphenea)

Graphenea is the leading graphene producer. Graphenea supplies CVD graphene wafers and Graphene Oxide materials for industrial applications. Graphenea develops custom materials in joint development for specific applications.
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