Wearable Technology in 2021: A Summary of Key Market Data and Trends

In this webinar, James Hayward (Research Director, Topic Lead) will present IDTechEx's latest data and outlook for the wearable technology industry, including data from IDTechEx's entire portfolio of wearable technology reports.
After the disruption caused by COVID-19, many wearable technology product sectors saw underlying trends accelerate as a result of the pandemic. Acute drivers such as emergency regulation changes combined with more general factors such as an increasing focus on personal health and well being to enable faster growth for many players. Parallel trends around remote patient monitoring and digital health have also continued to be important, with many leading players making significant strategic moves in these domains.
This webinar will cover major trends in each sector of wearable technology, presenting data about the current state of the market as well as a general outlook for each sector. In each case, we will discuss specific product trends and/or strategic developments from companies over the last year, all of which are covered in more detail in the full IDTechEx reports and subscription content. The sectors covered will include:
  • Smartwatches and fitness trackers
  • Hearables
  • Electronic skin patches
  • Smart clothing
  • VR & AR


James Hayward
James Hayward
Research Director, Topic Lead