5G Laying Groundwork for a Completely Digitalized and Connected Future

5G, with its gigabytes data throughput and ultralow latency, can access numerous high-value sectors such as 3D robotic control, virtual reality monitoring, and remote medical control that earlier technologies could not. Over the last two years, we have seen an increasing number of consumer network rollouts and field testing. Furthermore, we are seeing some of the most prominent industry companies begin to implement 5G in their businesses. This is only the beginning of how 5G will eventually alter and accelerate breakthroughs in industries like automotive, entertainment, computing, manufacturing, and ultimately the way we work and live.
In this webinar, Dr. Yu-Han Chang, a Technology Analyst at IDTechEx, will discuss the following four key aspects of 5G to help you understand 5G development beyond 2022:
  • 5G deployment overview - What is the deployment outlook in 5 key regions including China, the U.S., Europe, South Korea, and Japan?
  • Open RAN technology - Who are the key players? How will this technology disrupt 5G industry dynamics?
  • mmWave development - What are the pain points of this industry? What is the deployment status?
  • 5G future market outlook
For more information, please see the 5G report from IDTechEx - "5G Technology, Market and Forecasts 2022-2032".