Air Quality Monitoring Technology: Comparing the Opportunities in Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, and Smart Homes

Environmental gas sensor technology makes the invisible, visible. Increasingly valued for monitoring air-quality - these sensors can be found in homes, offices, schools, hospitals, office blocks and even cities and forests around the world. IDTechEx forecasts that in the next ten years, the total market for gas sensor technology will reach US$9.5 billion, with environmental monitoring to be one of the fastest growing industries.
In this webinar IDTechEx provides an update on the environmental gas sensor market and compares how opportunities for air quality monitoring vary for applications in smart cities, smart buildings, and smart homes. Questions addressed will include:
  • What are the latest innovations in miniaturized gas sensor technology?
  • What is the state of the market for air quality monitoring?
  • Why is adoption into 'smart-cities' still niche?
  • How do opportunities compare between smart-building and smart-home?
More details and ten-year market forecasts can be found in IDTechEx's comprehensive report "Environmental Gas Sensor Market 2024-2034: Technology, Trends, Forecasts, Players". This report includes over 30 company profiles from interviews with both major manufacturers and start-ups specializing in a range of different technologies. The report leverages IDTechEx's 15 years of experience in covering sensor technology, including interviews with major players, conference attendance, and bespoke projects and workshops on this topic. The report includes granular ten-year market forecasts, covering key sensor technologies including: metal oxide semiconductors, electrochemical sensors, infra-red sensors, optical particle counters, photo-acoustic sensors, printed sensors, and more.


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