Highlights of IDTechEx Energy Storage Research 2021

An Array of Choices for Battery and Energy Storage Technology
Li-ion batteries are ubiquitous among consumer electronics, have so far been the bedrock of transport electrification, and are the go-to technology for the non-pumped hydro stationary energy storage market. However, the limitations of Li-ion are becoming increasingly clear. More energy-dense, safer and cheaper batteries are needed for widespread transport electrification and similar improvements are necessary if energy storage is to help accommodate the ever-growing penetration of renewable energy. A variety of advanced and next-generation energy storage technologies are under development to help improve these characteristics, amongst others.
Firstly, IDTechEx will introduce energy storage research portfolios, and then discuss solid-state batteries in the webinar. We will talk the pros and cons of solid-state batteries compared with conventional lithium-ion batteries, the current market status, and future trends, as well as the pack design consideration, especially for electric vehicle applications. The special form factor enabled by solid-state batteries will also be discussed.
The second section of this webinar will cover the status of, and recent activity in, various other next-generation technologies, from silicon anodes and lithium-sulphur to Na-ion and redox flow batteries and discuss the applications these next-generation technologies will be best suited to. It will also highlight some of the more immediate choices and developments being made in Li-ion batteries for electric vehicles.
Finally, IDTechEx will introduce the burgeoning Li-ion recycling market. Recycling presents an attractive solution to both the demand growth of Li-ion materials, and the significant volumes of end-of-life batteries that IDTechEx have forecasted to become available from 2030. There has been recent activity from OEMs and start-ups alike, as well as interesting technological and regulatory developments. This is likely to challenge the obstacles facing Li-ion recycling commercialisation. The webinar will provide an insight on the market intelligence IDTechEx has gathered on this growing industry from first-hand research with industry stakeholders.
This webinar shares some of the research from the IDTechEx Energy Storage portfolio.