The Future of Automotive Radar

IDTechEx's new report "Automotive Radar 2024-2044: Forecasts, Technologies, Applications" finds that approximately 70% of vehicles 2022 had a front radar, and around 30% use side radars for blind spot detection. It is fair to see then that radar is not an emerging technology, but already well established in the automotive industry. However, that does not mean that it is stagnant. Instead, new autonomous features being rolled out across the market are demanding more from radar than ever before. Radar developers are being asked for radars with extra detection range, smaller packaging, better imaging performance and more. As a result, radar technology is becoming more advanced and diverse, with multiple technological options available to address these demands.
This webinar explores some of the development avenues that are being explored to address the ever-growing demands of radar. It covers software, semiconductor technologies, new semiconductor packaging options, system architectures and more.
From this webinar the viewer can expect to learn:
  • The emerging demands on radar from developing autonomous vehicle technologies
  • What a 4D imaging radar is and why it is needed
  • What routes are available to create 4D imaging radar
  • How radar technologies and implementations are diverging
  • Who the leading suppliers in 4D imaging radar are